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Tegra Overclock 1.6.1 Apk Download


Tegra Overclock 1.6.1 Apk Download


*****ROOT Recommended*******

One application to control the Tegra Overclock 1.6.1 Apk Download . This tool will help one to conserve power otherwise change in order to overall performance on fly. It covers protection properties of master boot in order to permit/ disable the boot settings. Designed inside the best way in which is browse assorted versus more promote overclocking equipment furthermore supply easy to incorporate interface. That it are very working for those who are frustrated concerning heat issues or perhaps battery drain problems. For the gamers that it pack an FPS lock it help find consistent Frame price whereas preserving battery anytime Gaming !!

This particular software is easy to use plus DO NOT NEED ONE TO BE A GEEK, really the noob could control everything GUARANTEED* !

*In case he read to obtain rooted 1st.


Gunner Clarke

Ioannis Predaris


**Works like the charm even upon whatever Tegra 3 inventory Kernel plus from v1.5.1 concerning any Firmware!**

** Permits one to lock FPS(Frames per next) what inturn saves battery for gamers and/or non gamers alike(minimum 40 ideal) plus now off 1.5.6 you can change in order to 30 FPS mode on top of fly!

* Pick few cores!

* All show stealer Reduced Power Core Control!!!

* SetCpu clock control

* Gpu Overclock (From v 1.4 supports GPU/ CPU unlinking plus freedom with GPU overclock !! )

*Included 50, 100, 150 Mhz frequencies to GPU for energy saving cause. Standard lowest ended up being 200Mhz!!

* Ram Underclock (use it to save battery. This produces things laggy yet not noticeable in light video gaming, Gamers rejoice!)

* Undervolting (never implimented yet, coming shortly)

* SD cache

* Out Of Memory Control ( OOM )

* Nvidia Prism Toggle Control (Important Brightness Cutter solution!)

*Tegra Thermal Guard ( will today control throttling in Tegra 3 phones plus tablets )

*Vibrator energy control

* Various Misc Tweaks + more future…..

Assured to operate much better versus additionally more famed method tuner , little-frills CPU Control applications as these are generic applications whilst Tegra Overclock covers more settings plus control still over Trickster mod. All inside the best nutshell in case you have got your TEGRA 3 Processor then chances are you have actually come to best location.


Provided all application says "not really CERTIFIED" really at the time you bought from marketplace and then DO NOT purchase AN ADDITIONAL inside wish that it will work, instead try this :

1> start Google Enjoy Store app in your phone/tablet then push menu > accounts. As soon as our the list does look listing nearly all the accounts.

2> we need the main account (your top single in the list) while all account using which we obtained.

3>when a person do not own that account regarding number one your Play put app inside we phone will likely maintain saying never certified (Its Google support flaw) and also to cure this particular just go to SETTINGS>Accounts and/or Sync > and/or delete that additional accounts till their 1 with you bought all software off are displayed regarding the number one inside Google perform put app. Immediately after which start Tegra Overclock plus all the might work fine. Today it is possible to incorporate the deleted accounts also :)

*************NOTE ***** SIGNIFICANT****** Please Understand********

Off v 1.2 Tegra Overclock will focus on nearly all Tegra 3 products no matter Kernel utilized. Nevertheless keep in mind that some of the properties additionally Gpu Overclocking(preceding 416 Mhz) tend to be kernel special.

You may be regularly adviced to evident data or even uninstall and reinstall their application when upgrading up to a new version

Concerning Refunds:

Simply uninstall this inside of 15 moments off occasion of invest in furthermore find a automatic refund and when a person missed somehow then get a hold of united states furthermore people does refund one. That's a Genuine Promise. Furthermore people do not power one to alter your reviews really when one speed us badly and yet its one humble request it inquire towards help very first then provided we can't fix the issue then chances are you might do as one want. Many thanks towards researching!

Concerning Refund, a queries and/or help send to: dev.kingshoo@gmail.com among matter like application identify furthermore purchase range in case application ended up being paid.

** most people are reporting ANRs and/or Crashes and people value consumers. However you recognize we actually can't answer in order to owner messages among people bug reports. your must get a hold of in above provided send deal with. **

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