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PixelPhone PRO 2.9.4 Apk Download

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PixelPhone PRO 2.9.4 Apk Download


Maximum application speed, stylish design, convenient plus customizable user interface. Feel your distinction!


• Intelligent research through mostly connections areas

• Sorting then show concerning contact record (continue very first, initially continue)

• Show of contacts in alphabetical groups

• Quick browsing of contacts installing a ABC scroll bar

• Display concerning contact's photograph, mobile number furthermore business name


• Quick and/or straight forward arrangement concerning favorite contacts into groups

• Soft searching concerning contacts in the best team otherwise searching between their groups (up-all the way down and/or remaining-right)

• Assorted ways of icon customization

• Favorite action concerning any sort of contact (contact, message, e-mail, deal with, …)

• Traditional otherwise widescreen wallpapers


• Fast as well as configurable wise T9 search with every areas inside connections and call history

• Support concerning T9 research having 2 languages simultaneously

• Customizable keypad size (smaller, moderate furthermore big)

• Speed dial

• Gestures (hide keypad, clear filter, undo filter)


• Sorting through date

• Sorting with contacts

• Call record limitation (3/7/14/28 times, —Āomplete)

• Filtering (missed calls, mostly calls)

• Showing date, duration and/or variety of phone


• Project concerning HD photo for get a hold of

• Display of all of the contact's fields, grouped into categories (phone, net, address, …)

• Quick switching in between contact's understanding plus contact background (reduce panel)

• Producing, modifying, deleting plus giving contact's card

• Clipboard assistance


• Large speed. Quick release. Smooth animation as well as scrolling.

• Stylish design. Mostly interface elements are created inside traditional colors then carefully drawn concerning each product.

• Convenient interface. Regardless your application's user friendliness, it has many worthwhile features.

• Personalization. Flexible setup of application's interface and work according to the preferences.

• Help and also development. Their application are continuously up-to-date with their consideration of users' requests.

Configure PixelPhone PRO 2.9.4 Apk Download  as you love! Pick the favorite history photos, assign photos in order to contacts plus you'll enjoy extra enjoyment calling and/or only launching their application.

CARE: For crisis phone calls (911, 112, …) PixelPhone Apk utilizes your stock Contacts app, hence uninstall/disable it is not recommended! Test calling crisis solutions firstly, before you decide to start implementing PixelPhone!

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Thanking we towards your support,

Their Pixel Apk Rush team.

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