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Choplifter HD 1.0 Apk Download

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Choplifter HD 1.0 Apk Download


In Choplifter HD 1.0 Apk Download, players need on the part of a upward furthermore coming rescue pilot asked in order to join their elite, international helicopter rescue group. Pilots are trained to command one type of helicopters deployed on more than 30 countless missions.

Combining reality among elements of fantasy, missions will certainly range from captured military prisoner removal to preserving survivors of viral outbreaks. Pilots should lender, hover, touch-all the way down and sometimes even shake zombies from his or her chopper during raise-down in order to make his or her rescue furthermore complete their mission. Choplifter HD™ dares players in order to chance their life to save others.

Key Properties

•   People pilot lots of helicopter types inspired with current military models

•   Diverse and also hazardous terrain including urban areas, jungle outposts, arctic bases, furthermore wilderness substances among missions using position in mostly hours of day as well as evening.

•   Command the best variety concerning helicopters deployed on top of over 30 assorted missions varying off grabbed military prisoner removal to preserving survivors of viral outbreaks

•   Maneuver, fire, and also extract below perilous conditions in order to carry out rescues

•   Authentic Choplifter franchise creator Dan Gorlin serving while design expert

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Download Choplifter HD 1.0 Apk Download

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