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Full Screen Caller ID PRO 9.5.7 Apk Download

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Full Screen Caller ID PRO 9.5.7 Apk Download


This is certainly that authentic Android complete Screen Caller ID using more than 2 Millions downloads furthermore 50.000+ paid installations ! Many thanks all the for the your awesome assistance !!

All whole display Caller ID is a replacement caller screen for the Andro Apkid product.

Having your system you could potentially customize how your phone notifies one on incoming & outgoing telephone calls, sms, e-mails plus missed phone calls.

–== Basic qualities ==–

- Whole display notification concerning incoming phone calls

- Full display notification towards outgoing phone calls

- Whole display screen notification towards missed phone calls

- Whole screen notification for incoming SMS

- Assign picture in order to groups concerning connections (family members, coworkers…)

- Every buttons additionally texts tend to be customizable

- Utilize photographs off sd card, internal camera, on the internet gallery otherwise facebook

- Customize caller design : choose colors, text size of the notifications

- Text-in order to-speech : the full screen caller id could review over noisy the inbound phone calls, sms additionally mails

- Facebook integration : choose pictures off facebook or even link the contacts among the facebook friends in order to upgrade almost all profil images alongside someone click

–== Advanced functions ==–

- Android integration : promote photos from a Android application to ready photos towards your connections

- Theme support

- Respond to through buttons : no most slider to go to select upward your phone

- Answer with gliding that display screen.

- Landscape help : extreme resolutions photographs can be set for the each portrait plus land mode.

- Back-up and/or regain mostly settings and images.

- Video clip caller Id (beta)

- Block irritating connections

–== How to use ==–

Satisfy check your youtube videos to read how to use all software.

Full Screen Caller ID PRO 9.5.7 Apk Download  can work instantly the moment installed but you need to assign HD images in order to your connections in order to prevent full display screen blurry pictures. HD photos must be assigned from the whole monitor Caller ID menu, not really from the inventory Android get a hold of application.

–== Know limitations ==–

Our limitations tend to be enforced with Google, there is nothing I am able to do concerning this.

- little support concerning double contact

- no assistance for the responding to anytime bluetooth headset are plugged on top of ICS equipment

- no dialpad inside FSCI (dual faucet in order to shut as well as go with inventory dialpad)

–== Get a hold of myself ==–

Contact me when you have function request or perhaps bug report. After reporting your bug, please explain the issue exactly and/or create the hardware guide and also android version.

I efforts alone on this particular venture so I will not be able to answer every single mail. But I check out all mails plus will likely fix reported bugs.

Adhere myself regarding twitter :!/@ChristopheNys

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