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Minecraft PE Mods: Custom 1950s New England Town Map


Minecraft PE Mods: Custom 1950s New England Town Map

Created by: Xpoizon


This is my 5th minecraft pocket edition map to complete. I put a lot of hard work into building this map, including digging out and raising the normal water level through 4 blocks. There is also hidden surprises on the top of mountain and on the service access to the dam. This map has everything it is completely original.This works smoothly,nice,fantastic on every device. Blow up, or do whatever you would like with this mods. Its have also more information in the "town hall."

Maps includes:

Movie theatre,Fire station,Town hall,Grocery store,House,Empty store with house,Cafe,Hair salon,Gas Station,Dam,Roads

My next map, a walking dead atlanta map, should be up soon, with a survival edition of this map.

How to install

  • Download The Map given below.
  • Locate com.Majong directory where your game is installed.
  • Place the map in the Folder
  • That's it now you have Huge Medieval Wizard Tower Map in your Minecraft PE.




Download Link

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Download Minecraft PE Mods: Custom 1950s New England Town Map

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