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Cut the Rope 2 Apk 1.0.1 Download (Google Play)

Cut the Rope 2 ( Cut the Rope 2 Apk 1.0.1 Download (Google Play)

Needs: 2.2 and up

Review: CUTE! Cut your LEASH two needs came while can enjoy the full adventure for FREE!

Slice that LEASH 2 delivers new challenges and/or unanticipated hurdles on candy crunching, physics-situated occurrence that pleased an incredible number of participants internationally! If you want slice the Rope, you'll really enjoy Cut each LEASH two!

At brand new characters, fresh gameplay components, furthermore, needless to say, Om Nom, candy gathering has not been therefore awesome! Conclude difficult quests to earn medals, advance into the video game additionally access certain amount. Play with your friends to see who can get the finest rating, otherwise handle ones puzzles on your own!

In the unforeseen adventure, Om Nom breaks away from his/her container and also travels thru exuberant forests, hectic towns, junkyards also underground tunnels, most when pursuit out of an goal – CANDY! Combined how, he activities ones Nommies, all cutest candy gathering helpers slightly green monster may really want towards!

every unique STORES inside CHECK OUT! Journey through an interactive map to realize new areas loaded and candy obtaining, leash cutting activity.

Nearly all newer FIGURES TO MEET! Find out 5 newer figures, the Nommies, that will help you on the unforeseen journey.

Almost all unique HATS inside BRAG ABOUT! Tailor Om Nom, decide your favorite candy and find any hand remnants.

Nearly all latest ADVENTURES FOR OM NOM! Undergo completely latest pictures, noise and game play components, including the capacity to move Om Nom.

every NEW MISSIONS! Harvest the ideal range hollywood film stars to strategically gather fresh fruit to accomplish the goal inside each degree.


• Roto can hold Om Nom towards very best candy catching areas

• Eat can make small bridgework with his tongue to assist Om Nom achieve their objective

• Glowing blue do lift Om Nom to brand-new levels of candy hunting pleasing

• Throw does throw items, incorporating candy

• Boo could scare Om Nom inside leap on brand new heights

Do not spend any time – interesting unexpected situations await! Help Om Nom notice their strategy home…from the woodland, by way of a pond plus junkyard, into the location plus past!

Slice a LEASH 2 aids high resolution for an ideal games undertaking on top of each cell phones additionally tablets.

Cut the Rope 2 Apk 1.0.1 Download (Google Play)

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Download Cut the Rope 2 Apk 1.0.1 Download (Google Play)

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