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Lost in Paradise Apk 3.16 Download (APK)

Lost in Paradise

Lost in Paradise Apk 3.16 Download (APK)

Requirements: 2.3.3 and up

Overview: Immerse yourself in a lost paradise, with a deep mystery hiding beyond it's pristine

As a crew member of a suddenly and

mysteriously capsized ship journeying through

the notorious Bermuda Triangle, you find

yourself being the sole survivor on a

seemingly deserted island. Deserted but not

always uninhabited. Solve the mystery of the

lost paradise and claim your destiny. Get back

to nature, learn and hone your REAL world

survival skills, solve puzzles and live the


Lost in Paradise is a third person point and

click adventure reminiscent of the classics

from 90s (similar to modern escape games or

hidden object games, but deeper) with

spellbinding graphics, animation, and an art

style all it's own.

Explore over 25 stunning natural locations

with brilliantly alive animations, sounds and

weather effects.

Enjoy six beautiful, relaxing and mysterious

music tracks specially tailored to the

environments and puzzles (with in game

volume controls).

Challenge yourself with over a dozen logic

puzzles and mini-games to tease your brain

and test your skill.

Learn REAL survival skills that you can carry

over into the real world, like building a

campfire, knife, rope and much more in the


Gather clues, notes and items to solve

conundrums and unravel the mystery of the


In game map to easily travel between

locations and in game diary to record and

store clues.

In game tutorial system for newer players.

Whether you are a casual gamer or a

seasoned puzzler, the game is fit for everyone.

In game context-sensitive hint system – If

you're stuck, you can get a single hint at a

time to nudge you along, without having to

leave the game to look at entire walkthroughs

online and jump into spoilers.

Hot spot highlight system – no pixel hunting,

all gameplay.

Multiple difficulty levels – Hard for veteran

players and Easy for beginners,

Multi-language support – currently available in

English, German, French, Korean and Hindi.

Japanese coming soon.

Featuring the beautiful work of nature

photographer David Huting (http:// – all background art

used in game available for purchase and wall

decoration) and music by The Cynic Project

( )

Similar games include classic hit point and

clicks such as Myst, The Lost City, and the

Broken Sword series.

What's New

3.16 – Fixed minor bug with resetting and replaying game, back menu button for some devices.

Fixed black screen on startup for some devices using non ARM architecture chipsets (like Intel Atom or MIPS). Example devices

affected were Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1, Ramos I9 etc

Lost in Paradise Apk 3.16 Download (APK)

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Download Lost in Paradise Apk 3.16 Download (APK)

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