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Lucky Patcher 4.2.7 (v4.2.7) Apk

Lucky Patcher v4.2.7 Apk for Android

You can use this patcher to break some apps' Android Market License Verification.(for Rooted devices)

Lucky Patcher apk is a great Android tool to remove ads, modify Permissions, bypass premium applications license verification, and more.
To use this application, you need a rooted device.
Although stable, functioning of Lucky Patcher can't be guaranteed at 100%.
So you are solely responsible of use of this application.
Under no circumstances Netbew be responsible for any problems caused to your device (rebooting loop, unstable system, etc...).

1. Added support for TitaniumBackup, GoldenDict and another program with a Custom Patches.
Custom Patches - Patches for this specific program written by me or by anyone in the file format txt. (These files should be put in
the directory / sdcard / LuckyPatcher / - it is automatically created Lucky patcher and already has a few patches).
2. Program, which is custom patch in the folder / sdcard / LuckyPatcher / move to the top of the list and are marked in yellow.
3. In order to apply a custom patch to the program, you need long tapnut on it and select the menu "Custom patch apply!"
4. If the patch is run for all the inscriptions will be green, but in the end it will give greetings and perhaps instructions, it will depend on
person has made a custom patch.
5. If you press the "Add for patch on reboot!" on the program contains a custom patch, boot the device will use this custom patch,
rather than the standard rezalka license.
6. Updated a little bit About.
- Icon artifacts removed
- Signatures of advertising changed, dual file manager does not have to fall.
- Added menu item to launch applications
- Modified the signature of advertising again, try to applications that previously flew.
- Removed bug removal of non-existent Root rights, and even in version 1.0.3 it worked fine, but the message is deduced.
- In the settings menu now displays just the grind of the text that you selected, and not always great
- Modified the signature cut of advertising, and now the application does not need to throw critical errors, well, or much less frequently.
- Made a restyling display a list of software.
- Now the software is found in which Google is moving higher and is marked in blue.
- And of other minor fixes.

Added ability to create installation packages apk, based on patch removal license verification, and advertising. The modified apk files are placed in a folder / sdcard / LuckyPatcher / Modified /

Lucky Patcher 4.2.7 (v4.2.7) Apk


Lucky Patcher 4.2.7 updated
Version 4.2.7:
Fix bug to "Rebuild apk without Google ads";
Version 4.2.5:
Fix bug to service.jar patch for some firmwares
Bugs fixed
Translations updated
Version 4.2.4:
Optimizations and bug fixes to hosts
Translations updated
Version 4.2.3:
Fix bug for some device with small memory.
Version 4.2.2:
Fix but to ads block on device;
Update translation;
Bugs fixed.
Version 4.2.1
Update translation
Bugs fixed
Version 4.1.9
Fix bugs for some devices with small memory
Version 4.1.7
Translations updated;
Bugs fixed
Version 4.1.6
Add custom patch
Bugs fixed
Version 4.1.5
Add custom patches;
Translations updated;
Version 4.1.4
Set "hide title" option to add on;
Bug fixes.
Version 4.1.3
Update translations
Bugs fixed
Version 4.1.2

Update translations
Bugs fixed
Version 4.1.1

Update translations;
Add Finnish translation;
Bugs fixed.
Version 4.1.0:
Try fix bug
Version 4.0.9:
Again Try fix bug to FragmentDialog;
Version 4.0.3:
Try fix bug to FragmentDialog;
Version 4.0.2:
Added a new feature advertising (now Polish padptcher there files AdsBlockList_user_edit.txt .txt agricultural sector. ed AdsBlockList_user_edit.txt. just keep a very short template deleted rows cause );
Added a new tag [COMPONENT] creators patches, disable permissions. activities, services, providers things (examples, );
Changed frequently pop notification op getting root rights, perhaps some ;
Pofiksil some bugs
Version 4.0.0:
Added a new feature to remove advertising
A new tag is added for the creators of custom patches. You can disable permissions, activities, services and few other things
Changed the algorithm of root, resulting in less frequently pop up a notification of getting root rights, perhaps some will get to work
Other bug fixes
Add new tag [COMPONENT] for custom patch (read to help)
Translation updated
Bugs Fixed
Version 3.9.9:
Sorry, FC fixed
Version 3.9.8: 

Get root permission with new Algorithm.
Bugs fixed. 
Version 3.9.7 : 
Bugs fixed and code optimized;
Translation updated.
Version 3.9.6 :
Add new tag for custom patch – replace_from file (read help)
Update patch for Titanium Backup;
Remove old patch for titanium backup.
Translation updated
Version 3.9.5 :
Fix bug to "pm disable" method.
Translations updated. 
Version 3.9.3 : 
Add new tag for custom patch - replace_from file (Read help).
Patch for "Titanium Backup" updated.
Old patch for "Titanium Backup" removed.
Translations updated.
Version 3.9.2 : 
Bugs fixed.
Optimize start.Version 3.9.1 : 
Add progress to Directory Binder.
Directory Binder support directories with space character.
Add button "Create directory" to Directory Binder.
Translations updated.
Version 3.9.0 :
Android patch "Disable signature verification in the package manager" fixed for Cyanogen firmwares.
Translations updated.
Version 3.8.9
Sort "new" apps by status, if select sorting by status in settings
Text size apply for more elements
Tittle by message is app name
Bugs fixed
Translation updated
Version 3.8.8
If you install an apk from Lucky Patcher, the app will be marked as "Installed" in Play Store.
Translations updated.
Version 3.8.7

Bugs fixed.
Translations updated.
Version 3.8.6 :
Add XPrivacy patch by escor@XDA
Add WidgetLocker Lockscreen v2.4.3 patch
Fix bug in "Patch to Android" for deodexed firmwares
Fix bug for all patches for some devices
Rework interface
Translation update
Version 3.8.5 :
Add XPrivacy patch by escor@XDA;
Add WidgetLocker Lockscreen v2.4.3 patch;
Fix bug in "Patch to Android" fof deodexed firmwares;
Fix bug for all patches for some devices;
Rework interface;
Translation update.
Version 3.8.3 :
Bugs fixed.
Optimize add new package to database.
Translations updated.
Version 3.8.2 :
Patch for "Jota+" updated (By opera-fan@4pda.ru).
Filters for patcher reworked.
Optimize add new package to database.
Translations updated.
Version 3.8.1 :
A lot more explicitly labeled migrated upwards all application;
Up-to-date translation. 
Version 3.7.9 :
Bugs fixed
Optimize dialog of Applications
Rework apk create for custom patch rebuild and others
Rework patterns ADS and LVL for ART
Version 3.7.8 :
Update for Russia (Pattern modified)
Version 3.7.7 :
Bug fixes
Removed some custom patches
Some more support added
Version 3.7.6 :
Bugs fixed;
Reworked all versions of Google Play for install on runtime ART(needed turn on Internet before use installer in Lucky Patcher);
Support Android patch "disable signature verification in the package manager" on runtime ART;
Add option to Modded Google Play installer – "install as user application";
Add modded Google Play 4.5.10;
Add to toolbox "Test the modded Google Play" for verify modded GooglePlay installation;
Add custom patch for poweramp by JASI (for test);
Translations updated;
Version :
Bugs fixed;
Add to dialog of Application "apk size","dalvik-cache size","data dir size";
Support runtime ART in test mode;
Working patch for Titanium Backup for runtime ART;
Translations updated;
Version 3.7.5 :
Bugs fixed;
Add to dialog of Application "apk size","dalvik-cache size","data dir size";
Support runtime ART in test mode;
Working patch for Titanium Backup for runtime ART;
Translations updated;
Version 3.7.4 :
Bug to custom patch fixed;
Bug to create apk with custom patch fixed;
Bug to create apk with remove ads patch fixed; 
Version 3.7.3 :
Bug to Custom Patch fixed
And test algorithm for patch on runtime ART (beta)
Version :
Add patch for services.jar (Allows to Installing applications with older version than installed version.) - reapply needed;
Fix bug to custom patch for apps on sdcard;
CRC check for some apk fix.
Version 3.7.1 :
Update patch for TitaniumBackup (use com.keramidas.TitaniumBackup);
Add custom patch;
Update Arabic translation;
Add "ODEX this Application";
Add support runtime ART for "Patch to Android" and install modded Google Market 2.3.6 (version 3 and 4 don't work);
Bugs fixed;

Version 3.7.0 :
Update patch for TitaniumBackup v6.1.4
Add custom patch
Add Arabic translation
Version :
Fix bug in "Browser" to Directory Binder;

Version 3.6.9 :
Add buttons "Browser" to Directory Binder
Add custom patch for Photo Editor v1.3.13 (by opera-fan)
Version :
Correct Deal with Take care of Restore Cure Improve Fix Repair Resolve Solution Solve bug when it comes to ICS machines;
Version 3.6.8 :
~ Incorporate switches "upon/along" as well as "get rid of" that you can website directory Binder;
~ Put customizable area when it comes to Mx device Pro (with zealot01);
~ Put customized patch towards MS work portable 2013 (15.0.1924.2000) (by means of anonimous);
~ Mix customized area when it comes to Jota+ (by means of opera-addict);
~ Incorporate specialized patch to Swype + monster ;
~ Insects fixed with regard to COFFEE-core.
Version 3.6.7 :
Bug fixed for patch "Titanium Backup" v6.1.1 on SD card
Version 3.6.5 :
Added logic to automatically use /storage/emulated/legacy/ for Lucky Patcher folder on Android 4.2+ to avoid possible issues with Superuser;
Add custom patch for WidgetLocker 2.4.1
Translation updated

Version 3.6.4 :
Bug Fixes
Version 3.6.2 :
Add custom patch for "WidgetLocker" v2.4.1.
Custom patch for "Greenify" updated.
Version 3.6.1 :
Add custom patch for "GO SMS Pro" v5.26 (Recent) to enable all premium features and remove ads (By ChelpuS - Code patch).
Add custom patch for "Kii Keyboard".
Add custom patch for "Xprivacy Pro" v1.10.
Add custom patch for "Greenify" (Support patch to work with modded Google Play and for patch Pro-key).
Version 3.6.0 :
Add custom patch for "GO SMS Pro" v5.25 (Recent) to enable all premium features and remove ads (By FaakhiR).
Add custom patch for "AutoMapa" (Updated for rebuild apk).
Add custom patch for "Xprivacy Enabler Pro" v1.7.30.
English translation updated (By p0izn@xda).
Russian translation updated.
Version 3.5.9 :
Bug to "Market Installer" fixed.
Directory Binder reworked.
Add custom patch for "AutoMapa" (updated).
Translation updated.
Bugs fixed.
Version 3.5.8 :
Ads patterns added.
Version 3.5.7 :
Add cutom patch for "Jota+" (By 陈健民).
Translation updated.
Bugs fixed.
Version 3.5.6 :
Fix bug to "core.jar" patches.
Hide "Busybox not found" for non-root users.
Translation updated.
Bugs fixed.
Version 3.5.5 :
Translation updated.
Minor bugs fixed.
Version 3.5.4 :
Fix bug to "Directory Binder".
Version 3.5.3 :
Fix bug to "Ads block" for Android 4.3.
Version 3.5.2 :
Reworked remount method for Sony devices.
Translations updated.
Version 3.5.1 :
SamsungApps license verification support (Option is just below the patch for Amazon Market).
Version 3.5.0 :
Minor bugs fixed.
Version 3.4.9 :
Bug to install modded Play Store fixed.
Translations updated.
Minor bugs fixed.
Version 3.4.7 :
Add dialog "ODEX All system App".
Ads pattern added.
Minor bugs fixed.
Version 3.4.6 :
Add pattern for core.jar.
Minor bugs fixed.
Version 3.4.5 :
Minor bugs fixed.
Version 3.4.4 :
Some menu remaked.
Make more message with error.
Version 3.4.3 :
Fix bug to move to "/system/app" and install modded market for some devices.
Version 3.4.2 :
More stability for core.jar odexed (Now all system apps deodex, after odex core.jar).
All background processes optimized.
Translations updated.
Bugs fixed.
Version 3.4.1 :
Add pattern to core.jar.
Translations updated.
Bugs fixed.
Version 3.4.0 :
Add "ODEX all system apps".
New method for Sony devices and service "ric".

Lucky Patcher 3Lucky Patcher 2Lucky Patcher 1

Version: 4.2.7 Size: 3.54 MB Required: Android 1.6 and up Dev. Page: ChelpuS

Lucky Patcher v4.2.7 Apk Download:
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